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Excavator Bucket Attachments

The demands of the job site can change quickly, and you need to know you can rely on your equipment to meet them. The Cat® excavator bucket attachments for sale from Holt of California transform your current mini or compact excavator into a digging machine that can handle a wide range of materials. Your unit can become a multipurpose tool for ditch cleaning, excavating and various cleanup tasks for all types of ground conditions.

The power of innovative Cat attachments means there's no need to switch machines in the middle of a complex job. An easy and hassle-free attachment process can have your bucket hooked up and ready for the next phase of the day's work. You'll be able to keep fewer machines on the job site while benefiting from more productivity.

Browse our selection and explore the applications and benefits of excavator bucket attachments to learn more. Holt of California has more than eight decades of experience connecting customers like you to the biggest and best technology solutions in construction.

Cat® Excavator Bucket Attachment Applications

Holt of California knows your business is dynamic and may often face new project types. That's why we offer a variety of excavator bucket attachments to fit the specs of your job site. The applications for our line of Cat excavator bucket attachments include:

  • General duty bucket: This bucket hauls big loads of low-abrasion materials like dirt and fine gravel.
  • Heavy-duty: The heavy-duty bucket comes in handy when you need to tackle higher-abrasion materials while digging, loading or trenching.
  • Digging: The all-purpose digging bucket tackles excavating, backfilling and trenching in locations where the ground has soft to moderate hardness.
  • Ditch cleaning: The ditch cleaning bucket uses a compact frame and shallow digging depth to handle finishing, grading and sloping tasks.
  • Cleanup: This bucket is the perfect combination tool to handle your light excavation and ditch cleaning needs.

Benefits of Bucket Attachments for Excavators

Want new opportunities? Attachments allow you to achieve more and dream bigger so you can accomplish work faster and be more productive with your labor hours. These benefits can revolutionize the way your company operates. Here are several more advantages of having various bucket attachments for your excavators:

  • Return on investment: These work tools allow you to get a greater return on your investment in machinery since it can now perform more jobs at a lower cost.
  • Easy storage: Flexible attachments mean you need less equipment, so there are lower costs to store your fleet.
  • Project expansion: The ability to dig and perform other functions with the same machine means that you can take on more complicated and more lucrative projects.

Excavator Buckets for Sale From Holt of California

Holt of California has been serving the Golden State for over 85 years, and we're proud to offer a range of dependable attachment solutions. Today, we've partnered with Caterpillar to bring you the legendary reliability of their line of construction products.

Feel free to browse our selection and find your perfect attachment. If you have questions or want pricing information, reach out to us online to speak with a team member and request your free quote today. You can also visit us at your local Holt of California dealership to connect with our team in person.