TRS8 Tiltrotator

Cat® Tiltrotators for excavators provide 360-degree rotation and 40-degree tilting action side-to-side, allowing the machine to reach more work areas from a single position. The tiltrotator enables the operator to maneuver around posts, rocks, and other obstacles, as well as to more easily reach along ditch edges.

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Machine Class 7-10 Ton Mini Excavators
Weight 793.7lb
Interface Options: Top-Bottom S-50 / S-50
Overall Height 37.7in
Length 41.5in
Overall Width 26.7in
Rotation Speed 7 Seconds per 1 Full Rotation
Tilt Angle Range +/- 40 degrees left/right
Maximum Bucket Capacity 17.7ft³
Maximum Bucket Width 59.1in
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 45-75 L/min (12-20 gpm)
Maximum Operating Pressure 3626psi
Required Hydraulics 1st Auxiliary
Tilting Torque 19545lb/ft
Turning Torque 4867.9lb/ft
Grapple Gripping Force, Opened to Maximum 2000.8ft·lbf
Grapple Maximum Lifting Capacity 1102.3lb
Grapple Maximum Opening 23.6in
Grapple Length 12.4in

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment