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Auger Attachments

When it comes to construction work and other industrial jobs, your attachments are just as important as your equipment itself. That's why it's vital to secure tools that will optimize your current machines for more productive use. With reliable excavator auger attachments in your inventory, you can perform every drilling job with speed and efficiency. These versatile parts are the perfect solution for any compact equipment.

At Holt of California, we have over a dozen compact construction equipment auger attachments for sale that set the standard for performance and dependability. We always provide high-quality products while delivering excellent customer service to every customer.

Auger Attachments for Sale

Augers are attachments used for heavy-duty drilling jobs. Once adhered to a compact machine, these tools allow equipment operators to drill holes into practically any soil type due to their high torque. Auger attachments use helical screw blades to extract ground material and create smooth and precise holes before removing all drilled-out material.

Auger attachments have the power and durability to dig into various harsh terrains, including materials such as:

  • Dirt.
  • Wood.
  • Clay.
  • Rocks.
  • Sand.
  • Cement.
  • Shale.
  • Asphalt.
  • Trees.

When you purchase Cat® auger attachments at Holt of California, you can drill clean-cut holes with speed and accuracy. Our inventory of attachments is highly compatible with Cat construction equipment such as compact track loaders, skid steers and mini excavators but is optimized for use with practically any compact machine.

Choose From Multiple Auger Attachment Options

You can select a Cat auger attachment to meet your company's unique project requirements and optimize results. Caterpillar designs these solutions for a factory fit, ensuring they are compatible with specific models. You can use them productively and safely with your Cat machines. 

As an authorized Cat dealer, Holt of California employees professionals you can trust to help you target the most appropriate tool for your applications. We will help you find an attachment that provides a secure fit for your equipment model. You can purchase any auger attachment for sale with complete confidence when our experts offer guidance.

Finance Your Auger Purchase

At Holt of California, we strive to make buying heavy equipment a budget-friendly process. Our flexible, low-interest financing arrangements make adding an auger attachment to your fleet even more affordable. Use our online equipment affordability calculator to help you determine the monthly payment that works for your business.

Purchase Compact Equipment Auger Attachments Today

If you're looking to find reliable Cat auger attachments for sale, Holt of California is your go-to destination. As a trusted Cat dealer, we stand by our products. That's why our skilled and knowledgeable technicians are committed to helping customers find the parts and equipment they need while guiding them to make the best possible purchasing decisions.

Take a look at our selection of auger attachments and give us a call at 888-569-9216 or contact us online for more information on our products today!