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Blade Attachments

No matter what industrial field you work in, your fleet would likely benefit from excavator blade attachments. These robust work tools are an excellent solution for transporting materials across the job site smoothly and efficiently. With Cat® blade attachments, you can transform any piece of heavy equipment into a powerful pushing machine.

At Holt of California, we have a broad inventory of durable and dependable skid steer attachment blades that allow users to optimize their compact machines. We rely on our extensive industry knowledge to provide customers with Cat products that best serve their needs while delivering exceptional customer service.

Blade Attachments for Compact Track Loaders

Mini excavator blade attachments are work tools designed to enable heavy equipment for material dozing, plowing and transportation work. These multipurpose blades are highly durable, with the ability to move almost any material with ease, such as dirt, gravel, snow, sand and livestock waste.

At Holt of California, we carry numerous blade attachments, each designed to serve a specific purpose. Our selection of Cat compact track loader and skid steer blades includes:

  • Dozer blades. Dozer blades are equipped for rough and finish grading in landscaping and construction applications.
  • Landfill U-blades. Commonly used in landfills, these multipurpose blades can perform large dozing, pushing and digging tasks. They're also used to cover up materials.
  • Reclamation U-blades. Because reclamation blades have a greater capacity than standard U-blades, they're used for hefty applications such as reclaiming mine soil piles.
  • Coal U-blades. As their name suggests, coal U-blades are primarily used for moving coal to and from stockpiles.
  • Angle blades. These attachments are highly compatible with compact equipment and used for pushing materials such as gravel, dirt and livestock waste.
  • Variable radius semi U-blades. These versatile attachments are great for site development, general construction and soil conservation.
  • Woodchip U-blades. Our woodchip blades comprise a unique wing configuration that enables them to push and load woodchip stacks.
  • Box blades. You can use our box blades for heavy-duty leveling and grading tasks.
  • Grader blades. These tools are built for cutting, grading and moving various materials.

Benefits of Blade Attachments

As your authorized Cat dealer, we provide the highest-quality blade attachments. When you purchase Cat compact track loader attachment blades for your equipment, you can experience these benefits on the job site:

  • Better performance
  • Application versatility
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased machine power
  • Innovative design
  • Maximized uptime

Applications of Excavator Blades

Because mini excavator blades are equipped to doze and plow many types of materials, they're widely used for applications across numerous fields. Some of the many locations and industries that use blade attachments include:

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If you're looking to enhance your compact equipment with Cat blade attachments, Holt of California has you covered. We work to create the best experiences for our customers, which is why we offer expert guidance and advice to make your purchasing process as simple and stress-free as possible.

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