BB124 Box Blade

Cat® Box Blades are designed for grading and leveling of large commercial properties, housing pads, roadways, and parking lots and can operate both manually and automatically with the use of Laser or GPS grading systems. Developed to integrate with AccuGrade® electronic components it can achieve high levels of grading accuracy while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. Designs for athletic fields, concrete prep, grading in buildings and tighter spaces, parking lots, back-filling can all be achieved with the Box Blade Attachment.

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Overall Width 99.4in
Working Width 95.9in
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 30-85 L/min (8-22 gpm)
Requires Full Work Tool Control with Both Joysticks Yes
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 140-170 bar (2031-2466 psi)
Overall Length 81.2in
Overall Height 106.1in
Weight 2149.5lb
Tilt Angle Range +/- 15 degrees
Raise 5in
Lower 4in
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment