BA118C Manual Angle Broom

Hydraulic and Manual Cat® Angle Brooms for Skid Steer Loaders, Multi Terrain Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Compact Wheel Loaders and Small Wheel Loaders are ideal for clearing parking lots, industrial plants, mill yards, airport runways, streets, driveways and lanes.

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Overall Width 103.8in
Sweeping Width 83.4in
Brush Diameter 32.1in
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow
Height 36.1in
Length 68.5in
Weight 906.1lb
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 42-86 L/min (11-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 145-235 bar (2100-3400 psi)
Motor Displacement 24.7in³/rev
Brush Speed at Maximum Flow 199 rpm
Sweeping Width - Angled (± 30 Degrees) 72.8in
Overall Width - Angled (± 30 Degrees) 98.7in
Drive Method Direct Drive
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler
Optional Hood Extension 39.7lb

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment