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Brushcutter Attachments

Want to cut through brush faster and more efficiently? A Cat® brushcutter attachment from Holt of California can make your job a lot easier. Also known as flail mowers, brushcutter attachments make short work of overgrowth. There's no need to purchase a new machine either — all you have to do is fire up your compatible model, secure the attachment and start clearing vegetation. We offer Cat mowing attachments for compact track loaders and skid steers.

Holt of California has been in the business of putting the right tools in your hands for 85 years, so we know a thing or two about what makes a great attachment. Learn more about the applications and benefits of these tools and browse our selection to find the perfect brushcutter for your operations.

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Cat® Brushcutter Attachment Applications

In California, we all know what it's like to come across a large patch of brush to clear. When overgrowth is standing in the way of your work, Holt of California's got you covered. A brushcutter attachment is a powerful rotary mower designed for compatibility with your Cat machine. The attachment runs on hydraulic power and replaces a part on your machine to give it more utility. For example, the brushcutter replaces the bucket on a skid steer with an easy installation process.

Caterpillar builds these attachments to chop through grass and chew up hardy shrubs. They're effective at clearing a walking trail, removing vegetation from a lot, mowing grass and much more. An extra-strength model can even cut through small trees to clear a path and remain sharp after hitting tree stumps or rocks. The Cat brushcutter attachment is the go-to solution for many industries, including agriculture, landscaping, highway maintenance and more.

Benefits of Brushcutter Attachments

At Caterpillar, every problem is seen as an opportunity to build a new feature. The brushcutter attachments for sale at Holt of California have several outstanding benefits for your business:

  • Return on investment: The brushcutter attachment transforms the machine you already have into a rotary mowing powerhouse so you can do even more with it. You can easily change back to a different attachment on the job site on the same day to rapidly complete multiple parts of a project.
  • Flexibility: The brushcutter comes in several models to match your standard or high flow hydraulic rate. There are also several widths available to match the size of your machine and the intensity of your project. These options mean that you can match the attachment to your current equipment and ensure it runs at peak performance.

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Holt of California is a one-stop shop for high-quality brushcutters and other attachments for sale. You can trust the legendary reliability of Cat equipment to get the job done right.

Want to see all of your options? Take a look around on our website and figure out what works best for you. Got questions? No problem — you can contact us online to connect with a team member and request a free quote so we can get back to you right away. To browse in person, feel free to stop in at one of our conveniently located dealerships throughout California.