Manual Pin Lock Coupler For 7-8 Ton Mini Excavators

This unit includes a general purpose bucket, maintenance package, connectivity, remote monitoring of the machine and your own team of product experts from Holt of California

Fully compatible with Wain-Roy and Gannon-style buckets, the Cat® Pin Lock/Tilt Lock Coupler system is the key to new levels of performance on any Cat Mini Excavator. New machines can take advantage of existing bucket inventory. New buckets and work tools can be shared with similarly-sized competitive machines across a fleet. One machine can fill many roles on a job site.

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Weight 173.7lb
Width 13.4in
Length 24.6in
Overall Height 17in
Pin Diameter 1.8in
Machine Class 7-8 Ton Mini Excavators
Interface Type Pin On
Required Hydraulics None Required

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment