Pin Grabber Coupler

Pin Grabber Coupler (312-Linkage): 455-3914

The image displayed does not reflect the exact machine specifications, including attachments represented in the image on this machine. Ask our sales representative about exact machine and attachment specifications for this unit.

Cat® Pin Grabber Couplers bring another level of productivity and versatility to your operation. Add the ability to change attachments quickly and conveniently to your operation, while staying aligned to worldwide safety standards.

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The image displayed is representative and may not reflect the exact specifications.


Minimum Carrier Weight 11ton (US)
Maximum Carrier Weight 15ton (US)
Weight 414lb
Attachment Pin Diameter - Stick (Front) 2.56in
Attachment Pin Diameter - Link (Rear) 2.56in
Pin Spread - Minimum 13.7in
Pin Spread - Maximum 16.97in
Lifting Eye Working Load Limit 22046lb
Width - Machine Interface 15in
Width - Attachment Interface 8.31in

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment