Tilting Dual Lock Pin Grabber Coupler For 5 Ton Mini Excavators

Cat® Tilting Dual Lock™ Pin Grabber Couplers – Mini Excavator allow work tools to be changed quickly – improving overall production and increasing machine versatility. The Tilting Dual Lock™ Coupler maintains a tight fit with an innovative wedge design throughout the life of the coupler. It can be used with compatible pin-on work tools and in front shovel mode with buckets. The Tilting Dual Lock™ Coupler also comes with a visible locking mechanism for added security.

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Weight 255.7lb
Overall Width 11.7in
Length 22.6in
Overall Height 21.5in
Drive Method Helical Rotary Actuator
Hydraulic Flow 7.6-15.1 lpm (2-4 gpm)
Hydraulic Pressure - Actuator 3002.3psi
Hydraulic Pressure - Coupler 3655psi
Pin Diameter 1.8in
Machine Class 5 Ton Mini Excavators
Interface Type Pin On
Required Hydraulics Dedicated Factory Installed
Tilt Angle Range +/- 180 degrees

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment