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Mulcher Attachments

If you work in the forestry, agriculture or landscaping industry, you understand the importance of a high-functioning mulcher. These versatile tools are equipped to take on countless outdoor applications in even the harshest environments, proving to be durable and efficient machines you can trust. When you purchase a reliable mulcher attachment for your compact track loader, you can maintain excellent productivity on the job site at all times.

At Holt of California, we have a wide inventory of mulcher attachments for sale that can enhance your most valuable compact equipment. We're dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products paired with exceptional customer service for the best possible experience.

Mulcher Attachments for Sale

Forestry mulchers have countless innovative features and versatile capabilities that make them the ideal attachments for any piece of machinery. These tools are optimized to tackle harsh forest terrain and can access hard-to-reach areas, such as pipelines, river banks and power lines. Powerful and compact, these high-performance machines are excellent for brush cutting and vegetation mulching, especially with smaller equipment.

Our high-powered mulcher attachments make the perfect additions to any of our Cat® compact machines, including:

Features and Capabilities of Cat® Mulcher Attachments

Cat mulcher attachments come in various sizes with wide-ranging capabilities. Models like the HM112 have a width of just under 5 feet and can cut diameters up to 7.9 inches. The HM208 is a narrower model, measuring only 40.4 inches wide with a maximum cutting diameter of up to 8 inches.

When you need standard forestry mulching, the HM2615 covers significant ground with a 73-inch width. A cutting diameter of up to 6 inches works for many general applications. Regardless of the model your choose, these mulcher attachments feature robust cover pieces to contain the mulching process and protect your team and machines.

Why Buy New Mulcher Attachments From Holt of California?

Holt of California is your local source of compact Cat equipment and the work tool attachments that diversify its capabilities. We carry a broad selection of mulching attachments at our three convenient locations to connect you with the tools you need most.

We provide unmatched sales support to help you find the right model for your applications. Tell us about your goals, and we'll recommend models based on factors like size and cutting diameter. We also offer flexible financing options to make these attachments more accessible to your operation.

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If you're looking to buy new mulcher attachments you can trust, choose Holt of California. Our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional products and services that we stand by.

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