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Rake Attachments

If you work in an industrial setting, you know the importance of your compact machines. However, no matter how efficiently your equipment operates, you can optimize them further by adding reliable work tools such as rake attachments. When you implement rake attachments onto your job site, you can increase equipment versatility and capability while boosting overall performance in any field.

At Holt of California, we have a comprehensive inventory of Cat® rake attachments for compact equipment designed for quality and efficiency. As a proud Cat dealer, we're committed to setting you up with products that best serve your needs.

Cat® Rake Attachments for Sale

Rake attachments are work tools used for clearing, scraping, separating and handling various materials involved in landscaping applications. These versatile tools are also popular for aerating, smoothing and leveling soil and can collect surface debris and large rocks from the ground.

We carry a broad assortment of excavator rake attachments equipped to take on specific tasks, including:

  • Industrial grapple rakes. These attachments feature an innovative open-bottom design that promotes efficient waste filtration, moving unwanted materials to the bottom of the tool.
  • Landscape rakes. Our Cat landscaping rakes comprise highly durable teeth used for pulverizing, leveling, aerating and conditioning soil while an integrated hopper bucket quickly gathers and removes the materials. These attachments promote finely groomed soil with minimal tire compaction.
  • Power box rakes. Power box rakes help operators clear and prepare soil for various construction and maintenance uses. These versatile attachments are equipped for efficient dethatching, grading, leveling, raking and debris removal, making them the ideal solutions for preparing seedbeds and lawns.
  • Excavator rakes. When you use rake attachments on your excavator, you can tackle numerous land-clearing applications, such as root, limb, debris and brush removal.

Our Cat rake attachments are compatible with any compact track loaders or skid steers you may have in your fleet.

Benefits of Rakes

We believe in providing the highest-quality products. That's why we carry industry-leading Cat attachments that stand out as some of the most reliable and efficient tools on the market.

When you purchase skid steer rakes from us, you can experience all the benefits of our Cat rake attachments:

  • A clean finish
  • Maximized uptime
  • High durability
  • Convenient controls
  • Ease of use
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Powerful operation without causing damage

Applications of Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Rakes

Mini excavator rake attachments are highly adaptable, with numerous functional capabilities that allow operators to handle a wide range of applications in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Some of the many uses for Cat rake attachments include:

  • Land clearing.
  • Seedbed preparation.
  • Heavy-duty raking.
  • Lawn preparation and care.
  • Golf course maintenance.
  • Storm debris cleanup.
  • Trench restoration.
  • Athletic field maintenance.
  • Weed removal.
  • Building construction.
  • Refuse handling.
  • Agricultural use.

Purchase Rake Attachments for Your Compact Track Loaders at Holt of California

If you're interested in optimizing your job site with high-quality excavator rake attachments, Holt of California has what you're looking for. We strive to provide companies with the best tools and equipment while delivering excellent customer service.

View our attachments selection, or give us a call at 888-569-9216 or contact us online with any questions.