3.0 m (10 ft) Snow Plow

Cat® Snow Plows are designed for snow removal applications in parking lots, driveways, airport runways and storage lots. The design of the plow scrapes the surface and can angle to windrow material to one side. The trip edge system protects your machine and tool from unseen obstacles by retracting when objects such as a manhole cover or large rocks are hit.

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Width 120in
Angled Width 98.3in
Weight 1988.6lb
Overall Height 41.4in
Blade Height 35in
Length 54.5in
Hydraulic Angling - Left/Right of Center ±35 Degrees
Float ±5 Degrees
Interface Type IT Coupler
Trip Edge Type Steel
Trip Edge Height 7.6in
Trip Edge Quantity 2

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment