Snow Product

2.8 m (9 ft)

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Cat® Snow Wings are designed with versatility in mind. With independently controlled wings and angling capability, the attachment can be configured to suit the needs of any job and continue to adapt to ever changing needs by being able to hydraulically configure for plowing, pushing, and backdraging to enable cleaning and maintaining roadways, sidewalks and other passages for safe passage in winter conditions.

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The image displayed is representative and may not reflect the exact specifications.


Working Width (Wings Closed) 108.5in
Overall Width (Wings Closed) 116.2in
Overall Width (Wings Open) 173.7in
Working Width (Wings Open) 173.7in
Weight 1951.1lb
Length 67.1in
Overall Height 36in
Hydraulic Angling - Left/Right of Center ±35 Degrees
Float ±5 Degrees
Wing Rotation 180 Degrees
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 76-87 L/min (20-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 200-230 bar (2800-3300 psi)
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler
Trip Edge Type Steel
Trip Edge Height 5.1in
Trip Edge Quantity 1
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow w/14 pin Electrical

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment