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If you work in an area that experiences harsh winter weather conditions, you know the importance of efficient snow removal on the job site. When your work site is free of snow and other obstructions, you can better ensure safety and productivity. Clear paths on any snowy surface with snow pusher attachments for your skid steers.

When you visit Holt of California for Cat® snow pusher attachments, you'll find a wide variety of reliable and efficient tools that can optimize your compact machines. As your authorized Cat dealer, we're dedicated to providing you with products that set the standard for quality and durability while delivering excellent customer care.

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Cat® Snow Pushers for Sale

As their name implies, snow pushers clear paths ahead of them by pushing snow. These work tools comprise a container-box design built for moving snow forward rather than loading or carrying it, making them great solutions for pushing and stacking snow. Snow pushers are the best options for applications requiring maximum containment to move snow between structures or when it's impossible to move snow to the side.

At Holt of California, we have dozens of Cat snow push attachments for sale designed for optimal snow removal and all types of material pushing applications, including wastewater and manure. Some of the many models we carry include back drag bars and straight snow pushes featuring either rubber trip, steel trip or rubber cutting edges.

You can attach our Cat snow pushers to any of your compact machines, including skid steers, mini excavators and compact track loaders for increased versatility.

Benefits of Cat Skid Steer Snow Pushers

When you purchase Cat snow push attachments at Holt of California, you'll experience numerous benefits that can boost performance value throughout your fleet. Some of these advantages include:

  • Increased productivity. Our snow pushers feature streamlined box supports that prevent snow from adhering to the tool, allowing for greater productivity on the job site.
  • Enhanced efficiency. Cat pusher attachments roll and fold snow with maximum pushing capabilities due to their profiled moldboard features.
  • Durability. Our straight snow pushes use trip edge systems to protect your equipment from unexpected interferences.
  • Visibility. Because snow push attachments have a lower profile than most plows, they're better for overall visibility.
  • Minimized malfunctions. Snow pushers have fewer moving parts than other attachments, reducing the risk of mechanical breakdowns.

Applications of Snow Pusher Attachments for Compact Track Loaders

Because snow is a prominent obstacle for countless localities and job sites, snow pusher attachments for skid steers are widely used across many different industries. Some of the uses for snow pushers include:

  • Parking lots.
  • Driveways.
  • Storage lots.
  • Airport runways.
  • Construction sites.
  • Landscaping.
  • Laneways.

Purchase Snow Push Attachments for Your Skid Steer Fleet at Holt of California

If you're in the market for skid steer snow pusher attachments, Holt of California is your solution. Our industry-leading Cat products have been trusted by companies across numerous fields for many years, with all the latest models and features in stock.

For more information on our work tools, call us at 888-569-9216, contact us online or view our product selection today!