Mini Excavator

304 (CAB)

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This unit includes a general purpose bucket, maintenance package, connectivity, remote monitoring and your own team of product experts from Holt of California

The image displayed is representative and may not reflect the exact specifications.
ID Number M24384
Model 304
Model Year 2024
Serial Number 0AN403279
Location STOCKTON 1521
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The image displayed is representative and may not reflect the exact specifications.

The Cat® 304 Mini Excavator delivers power and performance in a compact size to help you work in a wide range of applications.


Net Power 45HP
Engine Model C1.7 Turbo
Gross Power - 2,400 rpm - SAE J1995:2014 48.4HP
Bore 3.3in
Emissions Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards.
Stroke 3.9in
Displacement 101in³
Net Power - 2,400 rpm - ISO 9249, 80/1269/EEC 45HP
Note Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is at rated speed and rated power when the engine is installed with the factory configured fan, air intake system, exhaust system, and alternator with a minimum alternator load.


Operating Weight 9867lb
Minimum Operating Weight with Canopy* 8655lb
Maximum Operating Weight with Canopy** 9647lb
Note (2) **Maximum Weight is based on steel tracks, operator, full fuel tank, long stick, straight blade, extra counterweight and no bucket.
Note (1) *Minimum Weight is based on rubber tracks, operator, full fuel tank, standard stick, straight blade, no bucket and no extra counterweight.
Maximum Operating Weight with Cab** 9867lb
Minimum Operating Weight with Cab* 8875lb

Dimensions - Long Stick

Dig Depth 138.2in
Maximum Blade Depth 18.7in
O/A Shipping Height 100in
Maximum Dump Clearance 147.2in
Stick Length 66.7in
Maximum Dig Height 201.8in
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 214.4in
Track Width 66.9in
Tail Swing with Counterweight 51.2in
Swing Bearing - Height 21.9in
Boom Height - Shipping Position 75.2in
Boom Swing - Left 20.9in
Maximum Reach 219.3in
Boom In Reach 92.1in
Boom Swing - Right 28.7in
Track Belt/Shoe Width 13.8in
Vertical Wall 99.8in
Maximum Blade Height 16.5in
Note *Overall Shipping Length depends on blade position during shipment.
Overall Shipping Length* 194.9in
Ground Clearance 12in
O/A Undercarriage Length 87in
Tail Swing without Counterweight 47.4in

Travel System

Ground Pressure - Maximum Weight 4.9psi
Travel Speed - High 3.2mile/h
Maximum Traction Force - High Speed 4271lbf
Gradeability - Maximum 30 degrees
Ground Pressure - Minimum Weight 4.2psi
Maximum Traction Force - Low Speed 7329lbf
Travel Speed - Low 2.2mile/h

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 2.9gal (US)
Engine Oil 1.6gal (US)
Hydraulic System 17gal (US)
Fuel Tank 17gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 14gal (US)

Hydraulic System

Operating Pressure - Travel 3553psi
Auxiliary Circuit - Secondary - Pressure 3553psi
Digging Force - Stick - Long 4316lbf
Auxiliary Circuit - Secondary - Flow 7gal/min
Pump Flow at 2,400 rpm 25gal/min
Operating Pressure - Swing 2611psi
Auxiliary Circuit - Primary - Flow 21gal/min
Auxiliary Circuit - Primary - Pressure 3553psi
Note Flow and pressure are not combinable. Under load, as flow rises pressure goes down.
Type Load Sensing Hydraulics with Variable Displacement Piston Pump
Digging Force - Stick - Standard 4721lbf
Digging Force - Bucket 8588lbf
Operating Pressure - Equipment 3553psi

Swing System

Boom Swing - Right 50 Degrees
Machine Swing Speed 9r/min
Boom Swing - Left 78 Degrees


Angle Blade Height 14.2in
Straight Blade Height 14.2in
Straight Blade Width 66.9in
Angle Blade Width 66.9in
Angle Blade - Right 25 Degrees
Angle Blade - Left 25 Degrees

Certification - Cab and Canopy

Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) ISO 12117-2:2008
Top Guard ISO 10262:1998 (Level I)
Tip Over Protective Structure (TOPS) ISO 12117:1997


Average Exterior Sound Pressure (ISO 6395:2008) 97dB(A)
Operator Sound Pressure (ISO 6396:2008) 76dB(A)
Note European Union Directive “2000/14/EC”

Dimensions - Standard Stick

Maximum Reach - Ground Level 204.7in
Vertical Wall 94.3in
Note *Overall Shipping Length depends on blade position during shipment.
Tail Swing with Counterweight 51.2in
Boom In Reach 88.8in
Dig Depth 126.4in
Maximum Dig Height 198.4in
Maximum Blade Height 16.5in
Swing Bearing - Height 21.9in
Boom Swing - Left 20.9in
Stick Length 54.9in
O/A Undercarriage Length 87in
Track Belt/Shoe Width 13.8in
Boom Height - Shipping Position 63.8in
Boom Swing - Right 28.7in
Maximum Dump Clearance 143.5in
Ground Clearance 12in
Maximum Reach 209.8in
O/A Shipping Height 100in
Tail Swing without Counterweight 47.4in
Maximum Blade Depth 18.7in
Overall Shipping Length* 194.9in


Recyclability 96%

Weight Increase from Minimum Configuration

Steel Tracks 430lb
Counterweight 496lb
Angle Blade 243lb
Long Stick 66lb

Standard Equipment

  • Cat® C1.7 Turbo Engine (U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V)
  • Automatic Engine Idle
  • Automatic Engine Shutdown
  • Automatic Two Speed Travel
  • Fuel Water Separator
  • Power on Demand (not available in all regions)
  • Variable Displacement Piston Pump
  • Load Sensing/Flow Sharing Hydraulics
  • Smart Tech Electronic Pump
  • Accumulator
  • Automatic Swing Brake
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines
  • One and Two Way Auxiliary Flow
  • Continuous Auxiliary Flow
  • Auxiliary Line Quick Disconnects
Operator Environment
  • Canopy or Cab (Canopy not available in some regions)
  • Top Guard ISO 10262:1998 Level I
  • ROPS – ISO 12117-2:2008
  • TOPS – ISO 12117:1997
  • Stick Steer Mode
  • Travel Cruise Control
  • Control Pattern Changer (optional in some regions)
  • Adjustable Wrist Rests
  • Washable Floor Mat
  • Travel Pedals and Hand Levers
  • Machine Security – Standard Key with Pass Code
  • Fabric Suspension Seat (Cab only)
  • Vinyl Suspension Seat (Canopy only)
  • Hydraulic Lockout – All Controls
  • Retractable High Visibility Seat Belt (75 mm/3 in)
  • Coat Hook
  • Cup Holder
  • Storage Pocket
  • Skylight
  • Mounting Bosses for Front
  • Signaling/Warning Horn
  • Interior Light (Cab only)
  • Boom Light, Halogen (not available in all regions)
  • Utility Space for Mobile Phone
  • Next Generation Color LCD Monitor (IP66)
    – Fuel Level and Coolant Temperature Gauges
    – Maintenance and Machine Monitoring
    – Performance and Machine Adjustments
    – Numeric Security Code
    – Multiple Languages
    – Hour Meter with Wake Up Switch
    – Jog Dial (cab only)
  • Rubber Belt (350 mm/13.8 in)
  • Dozer Straight Blade
  • Dozer Blade Float
  • Tie Downs on Track Frame
Boom, Stick And Linkages
  • One Piece Boom (2500 mm/98.4 in)
  • Standard Stick (1395 mm/54.9 in)
  • Front Shovel Capable – Pin-On
  • Thumb Ready
  • Certified Lifting Eye
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • Software (machine and monitor)
  • Maintenance Free Battery
  • Battery Disconnect
  • 12 Volt Power Socket
  • Travel Alarm (optional in some regions)
  • Counterweight (225 kg/496 lb)

Optional Equipment

Operator Environment
  • Cab with Air Conditioning
  • Cab with Heater
  • No Travel Pedals and Hand Levers (optional in some regions)
  • Machine Security – Push to Start with Key Fob/Pass Code
  • LED Front Lights
  • LED Front and Rear Lights
  • LED Boom Light
  • Mirrors, Left, Right and Rear
  • Camera
  • Radio – Bluetooth®, Auxiliary, Microphone, USB (charging only) (Cab only)
  • Next Generation Advanced Monitor
    – Touch Screen
    – Site Reference System
    – High Definition Camera Capable (IP68 and IP69K)
    – Numeric Security Code
  • Steel Track (350 mm/13.8 in)
  • Steel Track with Rubber Pads
  • Angle Blade
Boom, Stick And Linkages
  • Long Stick (1695 mm/66.7 in)
  • Front Shovel Capable – Dual Lock Manual Coupler
  • Front Shovel Capable – Hydraulic Coupler
  • Attachments including Couplers, Thumbs, Buckets, Augers and Hammers
  • 2nd Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines
  • Bucket Divert Lines
  • Boom Lowering Check Valve
  • Stick Lowering Check Valve
  • Hydraulic Quick Coupler Lines
  • Product Link PL243 (regulations apply)
  • Product Link PLE643 (regulations apply)
  • Polycarbonate Half Height Front Guard (Canopy only)
  • Polycarbonate Front Guard (ISO 10262:1998 Level I and EN356 P5A)
  • Heavy Duty Front Guard ISO 10262:1998 Level II
  • Heavy Duty Top Guard 10262:1998 Level II (Cab only)
  • Bio Oil Capable
  • Eco Drain
  • Water Jacket Heater