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Compactor Attachments

Every high-functioning piece of equipment can use a reliable attachment to accompany it — no matter how well your machines operate alone. Work tools, such as compactor attachments, are excellent for adding versatility and innovation to any machine, expanding their capabilities beyond their base purposes. With an excavator compactor attachment in your fleet, you can tackle any compaction job with ease.

At Holt of California, we have a vast inventory of compactor attachments for sale that set the precedent for quality and efficiency. As a trusted Cat® equipment dealer, we're committed to providing the most dependable products and excellent customer service.

Excavator Compactor Attachments for Sale

Industrial facilities use compactor attachments to optimize their heavy equipment for various compaction tasks. These work tools are equipped to compress numerous tough materials, such as soil, gravel and sand, for applications that include asphalt laying and concrete pouring. Compactors are particularly useful for jobs involving slopes and hard-to-reach spaces that other attachments such as rollers and plates cannot access.

When you visit Holt of California, you can find dozens of Cat compactor attachments under three main categories:

  • Compaction wheels: These cost-effective tools achieve smooth operation and high compaction levels using a tampered-foot design and tapered roller bearing components.
  • Drum compactors: Our vibratory drum compactors are typically used for applications involving sand, gravel and soil compaction. These low-cost, high-performance attachments are popular for commercial, residential and industrial jobs alike.
  • Plate compactors: Like drum compactors, vibratory plate compactors are also cost-effective, low-maintenance solutions that effectively compress soil, gravel and sand. However, plate compactors have the added advantage of allowing operations to perform compaction tasks from the comfort of the cab.

All our work tools are compatible with Cat compact equipment, such as mini excavators, skid steer loaders and compact track loaders.

Benefits of Skid Steer Compactor Attachments

When you purchase our compact track loader compactor attachments, you can experience the many advantages of these advanced work tools, including:

  • Performance. These high-powered attachments comprise a compact design that maximizes performance in even the tightest work environments. Our compactor attachments also work quickly and economically.
  • Operation. Compactor tools increase operator comfortability with safe, simple and quiet operation capabilities.
  • Efficiency. Hydraulic compactors distribute vibrations evenly while managing attachment levels to increase stability and improve functional efficiency.

Applications of Compactor Attachments

Compactor attachments for heavy equipment are highly versatile, making them viable solutions for numerous industries, such as construction, utilities and contracting. Some of the many applications of these work tools include:

  • Trenching.
  • Embankment construction.
  • Concrete pouring.
  • Ground leveling.
  • Inserting and removing posts.
  • Pipeline backfills.
  • Sheet piling.
  • Road and railway slopes.
  • Laying asphalt surfaces.

Purchase Compactor Attachments for Compact Construction Equipment Today

You can use Cat compactor attachments at Holt of California to enhance your excavators and skid steers. We use our expansive industry knowledge to pair customers with the perfect products and services — we even service equipment outside of our carried brands.

Contact our Stockton, Los Banos or Sacramento locations to get in touch with one of our experts, or continue browsing our compactor attachments today!